Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally home...

After a long stint of teaching in paradise I'm back. As beautiful as it was, it doesn't compare to seeing my wife's beautiful face waiting for me! After catching up on things today I managed to get some laundry, receipts and other business done today. With a little bump on the water, offshores and relatively warm air, I got out for a slide and remembered how stoked I am for all the support Rip Curl has given me. After riding my planks for the past few months I've contemplated burning Rip Curl Logos into my boards, but have decided against it. So instead, here's a flurry of photos from just before I left, and a big Logo here for all to see. The photos are courtesy of a random beachgoer and surfboard enthusiast named Thomas Page....Thanks man!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still testing...

I love it here...that's all for now. Awesome!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

British Virgin Alaislands

After spending a week with our Surf Campers in paradise in fairly gentle clean conditions, we saw the surf start to slowly pick up a couple days ago. Saint Paddy's Day gave us the biggest stuff we've seen yet. The beginners sat it out, our veterans charged, and I paddled out on the plank. Sitting alone on the lefts down the beach in Pirate Bay I was able to watch the regular footers screaming down the big right walls.

The wave here is perfect for the sliding, but the wind never really went offshore yesterday so it was a little frustrating, shifty and bouncy. But, here's a little taste of paradise for all my brothers and sisters freezing through the winter...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surf City Here I Come!

Exciting news for the J sun Alaias...Surf City Surf Shop here in Wrightsville Beach, NC will be carrying a couple fresh Alaias for me. Mike Barden, the owner, is an awesome guy and has more surfboard knowledge as far as design and history go than anyone I know. Suspended from his ceiling are boards dating back through the decades. I'm honored to have them proudly displayed there at his shop and as soon as I get back from our Surf Camp in Tortola (Its for work and testing purposes only, really!) I'll be keeping my newly treasured 6'6" in there for demo purposes. So anyone in the area wanting to give it go can take it for a slide...and if your stoked Mike will have a couple in stock, or better yet you can custom order one through the shop.

On display now is a beautiful 6'6" similar to my 5'10" Little Albatross. Smooth knife rails with a deep double concave and a flared tail for a good hold. There is a 6'4" drying in the racks in my shaping cave waiting patiently to see the light of day and should be ready by April. Good wood comes with time! Here are some photos of it for your drooling pleasure...