Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kind Words & Leash Plugs

This is the guy who shot the cold water photos of me sliding back in the winter. He wrote some really kind words about the boards and that day at his blog called "upbeatsitdown".

In other news... I've broken the sacred laws of sliding, so that I'm not breaking the actual laws of Wrightsville Beach. I realized the other day while out on the only real swell of the spring that a few of guys around here that I really respect have worked really hard to keep surfing open and legal in this part of our fine state. Even if I pride these boards as not being "modern surfboards", they're still used to stand up on and catch waves. So I found some bio-plastic leash plugs, bought a new drill bit, mixed up some epoxy with some brown food coloring and have made them street legal. Maybe more people will try it now too...