Sunday, July 25, 2010


Thanks to Julian at I've got evidence of local grom shredder, Mason Barnes, burning me during my test session a couple days ago at sunset down at the south end...

J Sun Hand Planes: Good for sliding and disciplining unruly grommets!

Thanks Julian!
Paddling the groms at WB!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

4' @ 9sec...Went sliding

A successful sunset slide session with my lovely assistant. Got a few barrels and even did a couple airs on the new paddles. The groms didn't exactly understand why I was out there without a surfboard and I feel sometimes the community at large thinks I'm out of my mind, but I guarantee I'm having more fun than any of them and besides, I already know how to surf. I'll get back on my thruster when the waves get REALLY good, but for now it's REALLY fun trying new approaches and feeling the wave in its entirety around me and pushing me. (Secret bonus: no fins means I can slide in the swim zones, and technically I'm not required to wear a leash, but I do anyways)

I mean, who doesn't like getting barreled and throttled in the shorebreak?!

Friday, July 23, 2010

4' @ 9 Sec...Going sliding!

I just finished creating my new body surfing hand planes. I'm frothing cause there is some sweet ground swell in the water right now. Who knows maybe I'll pull out that old dusty alaia and do some hacks as well.

Be back in a couple hours. I think the wife might come and shoot water shots for documentary purposes!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle Mr Smith!

So in an effort to Reduce and Reuse before Recycling, I took poor little broken Moli and gave it new life. The top half I rounded into a giant nose rocket/bodyboard for planing out in front while body surfing. The bottom half I used the contours already there from the single to double concave and created two sweet little handplanes for hardcore bodysurfing summertime shorebreak. They are only raw shapes at the moment but I'm probably going to lacquer them and attach some little handstraps for maximum tube time.In another effort to learn to Reduce, I took a few inches and ounces off of the 6'6" slider I've had at Surf City Surf Shop as the demo board. It's not pointy exactly, but it's much more slender than before and so far it's awesome!!! Less nose diving and I'm finding it easier to angle into the lip and down the face when pumping. I even almost pulled an air on it yesterday. Of course you don't have to believe me, but after riding my 6'0" In The Eye shortboard back home in Hatteras last weekend for the first time in a long time I got motivated ( I admit when I got some real waves under me the thruster felt good! Solid turns, flying through the know, the normal stuff) to start punching the wooden limits and after losing the 5'10" to some gaping barrels I have to work with what I've got. S-Turns almost saw a completed aerial on the 6'4" as well on Friday. I'm not claiming it yet. I did think about entering the Reef Pro this weekend and riding the plank. Unfortunately I have to work and can't cause any trouble down there...oh well!
In other awesome news I've recently picked up Smith sunglasses as a new sponsor. Surf Camp summers are harsh if you aren't protecting your peepers with some polarized goodness. I'm super stoked on the new relationship as they've supported Surf Camp for so long and are now working with me personally. I'm even more stoked at their efforts to use sustainable methods of productions hence their Evolve line of sunnies made of recycled materials!!! Freaking awesome! So go to your nearest surf shop and request them specifically if they don't have any in stock. They come in most of the normal styles as well. Good on ya guys!!

Now it's time to go premiere Tom's Creation Plantation in my living room!