Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year Reflection

Had a pretty incredible year. Really got a lot of chances to push the alaias in a number of places and variety of conditions. Although I've rediscovered my thrusters, I'm still stoked to see what 2011 will hold in the way of sliding. Here is a reflection, via photos courtesy of Chris McQuiston at Local Sessions Magazine and video courtesy of Daniel Sacchi of one such session during Hurricane Earl...Happy New Year to everyone, and if you're interested in an Alaia, I've got 6 sets of blanks to carve out as well as Handplane 2.0!

Thanks to my wife Jada, WB Surf Camp, In The Eye surfboards, Rip Curl, DaKine, Smith, Force Fins, ESM, Tom Wegener, and all the photographers and friends out there who made this such a killer year!!