Monday, May 16, 2011

Sea Glass

I am frothing to announce the success acquisition of a 5'3" Tom Wegener Sea Glass Tuna Project board!

I've been wanting to put one of these to the test since I heard about them. Buzz definitely had something close with the Goldfish project, but not exactly refined...sorry Scott! It was afterall a scrap piece of epoxy foam that they were using for airbrushing or resin tinting backboard ove at In The Eye Surfboards.

Mark Mertens from GSI hooked me up with dinner and a sliding machine. The two best gifts a guy could ever receive! Thank you Mark! It's on loan from the Wegener/GSI museum for the time being so if you see me shredding ask me for a go on it. Time to get stoked!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Force Fins

My best friend when I'm body surfing or in surfing lessons with WB Surf Camp have been myForcefins over the past 3 years. I spoke with them recently and they are about to release their specially made Surf Fin soon. I have a picture but I can't show you because they sent me the photo never having taken a photo of it and its still under construction. So, I'll post this one instead...