Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SUP and South End

I held out as long as I could on Stand Up Paddling, but it's just too gosh darn fun! I got a great deal from my buddy Pete on a used delaminated tank of a board. the whole deck was delaminated so it was more of a home project than a good deal. With the help of Scott Busbey at In The Eye and Curtis Cromwell of Shortbus Skims I was able to build a vaccuum bag and reglue it, reglass it, put in a vent plug and some leash plugs to make a bungee system, and now I'm ready for adventuring!! Had a couple bad wipeouts trying to surf it, but met up with a dolphin while gliding around...

In other news, I am very excited to announce my joining forces with a fairly new shop on Wrightsville Beach...South End Surf Shop has invited me to be a part of their surf team. And not just a part, but their Team Manager...which basically just means I'm the designated grom leader = Awesome! I'm super stoked stoked to be part of such a hard shredding team of fun and positive surfers.

A couple other shout outs to Daniel Pullen and Julian Kehaya for landing me a couple of sweet shots in the east coast media!!
Eastern Surf Magazine ran a cool one...

and Local Sessions as well!!

Oh yeah...did I mention I built and started a couple of bee hives?...

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